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Product Name Expected Price
12V DC Mini Portable Camping Car Freezer with Draw Rod, Car Freezer, Camping Freezer$ 175.00
12V DC Compressor Mini Portable Camping Car Fridge Freezer, Car Freezer, DC Freezer$ 98.00
Two-Door DC 12V Compressor Camping Mini Portable Car Freezer Fridge, Car Fridge, Mini Fridge$ 128.00
Mini Camping Portable DC Compressor Car Fridge Freezer Refrigerator with Wheel, Car Fridge 12V 45L, 12V Car Fridge$ 254.00

This Data was Last Updated on 2024-07-17

camping freezer Manufacturers, Suppliers, Wholesalers in China

Company Name Member Since
VIP Zhejiang Newlight Solar Co., Ltd.  6
VIP Zhejiang Newlight Solar Co., Ltd.  6
VIP Guangzhou Lanco Industry Co., Ltd.  6